Start building a digital nation today

Whether launching new or modernizing existing digital systems for any public service, we have the services to help a government build a digital nation with cutting-edge technology and lightning speed, efficiency, and flexible cost.

Our suite of services supports multiple languages, including right-to-left languages such as Arabic and a dedicated migration tool to help you migrate your existing service and data to a newer platform.

e-Government systems allow citizens and companies to conduct common businesses for example vehicle registration or civil registry online via desktop computers or mobile devices. This limits the need for visits to offices, which in many cases are far away, the need for expensive offices and makes services more accessible to the ordinary people.

Though many governments have systems in place, very few actually offer direct interaction with the public because those systems were not designed for the purpose and modernizing or replacing them is usually too costly. Learn More

Choice of Cloud Solution

Cloud Service

Use traditional cloud technology like AWS & Azure and take advantage of the enormous range of infrastructure services & tools.

Private Datacenter

Control your data and services in your own datacenter, especially when there is no or poor access to cloud services in the country

Serviced Datacenter

We build and operate a local cloud datacenter so the govenment can focus on its core duties.

How it works

We have 40+ services specially designed for government digital services, that clients can choose from, deploy, and launch quite easily. Getting up and running is really very easy.




Our Services

Civil Registry

Birth, assessment of age, marriage and death certificates

Vehicle Registry

National registration for all types of vehicles and driving licenses and taxes.

Land Registry

Land registration, certificates, cadastral inventory and planning permissions


Application for tax identification numbers and filing for tax returns by individuals and companies.


Customs duties, imports & exports

Fees & rates

Unified tax and service rates for public services and businesses


Online payment for government services and taxes

Business registry

Business registration system that allows for registration of companies and obtaining all relevant licenses


Procurement for public services


  • No upfront investment. Add more services and scale as required.
  • A vast choice of services; we also build custom systems.
  • Low cost. You only pay for what you need & use.
  • You choose where your data resides.
  • You don’t have to do maintenance & upgrade.
  • We help you migrate from your legacy system.